The avoidance of romance

So, I’ve been thinkinBellaRosag about all the reasons why places like Afghanistan, Ukraine and Sudan are high on my list of places to travel, and ultimately, I will visit EVERY country on the planet before I croak, but right now, I’m most drawn to the supposedly “dangerous” ones. It occurred to me the other day, that one reason is probably because there would be a lack of smarmy hand-holding couples in these places. I have been pathetically single for as long as I can remember – and not for lack of bloody trying either! So I travel alone, because I’d rather travel alone than not at all, but sometimes being alone in places like Thailand, Paris or the South Pacific Islands and being surrounded by, urrghh – revoltingly romantic couples just makes me want to puke! So, I guess I’m saving the romantic places for….well, I’m just avoiding them as much as I can I guess. I’m long past hoping that someday, I might have someone to be revoltingly smarmy with myself!

It’s also certainly about a sense of excitement that is definitely missing from my staid, comfortable life here in Australia. I mean, I suppose it’s nice to be able to go down the street without being shot at or blown up, but well, some of us need more excitement than others! The other week, my city had this massive fire works display, and my apartment had the PERFECT  view from our 27th floor balcony, which looks down onto the Brisbane River. But you know? You’ve seen one lot of fireworks, you’ve seen them all….so I had much more fun sitting out on my bedroom balcony, which faces the city, so I couldn’t see the fireworks, but I could hear them. The big ones sounded to me, like explosions and the smaller ones sounded like gunshots, so I sat out in the dark, a cool breeze licking my skin and I closed my eyes and imagined I was in Beirut or the Gaza strip or some other deliciously exciting place and listened to the ‘warfare’ happening around me. Yes, the inside of my own mind is usually way more exciting than the so-called “real” world! …and despite being extremely anti-military and anti-police, I really got for the first time ever, why the human race creates so much conflict – because we love it! We are addicted to the drama. It excites us and for some people, it gives their life meaning…as bizarre as that sounds! For me, though, I am just perpetually drawn to experiences that I haven’t had before, anything new and different! …and for a kid who grew up in a conservative country town in NSW, I suppose a far-flung, war-torn country is about as different as you can get!


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