A red rag to a bull!

Do not try to tell her what to do!
Do not try to tell her what to do!

Travel. For travellers (not tourists!) it’s about jumping whole heartedly out of your comfort zone. Pushing your own boundaries. Doing things that scare you and make you just a teensy bit (or a crapload) uncomfortable. It’s about having the balls to hang out in places where you don’t speak the language, don’t understand the public transport system and the local food doesn’t neccesarily agree with you. Places that are wildly different from home! Because these are the experiences that open minds, hearts and souls. For the tourist, travel is about comfort, snapshots and bragging rights…but for the authentic Traveller, travel is about growth, experimentation and change. You never return home the same person that you were when you left…

My number one bucket list item is to visit every country on the planet before I die…and because I’m a bit of a masochist who won’t be told what to do, I am especially looking forward to the places that most tourists wouldn’t consider setting foot in in a million years. Afghanistan. Somalia. North Korea. Those DFAT travel warnings are, to me, like a red rag to a bull!


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